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As an international buyer, it is crucial to ensure that the production facility in Vietnam meets the required standards.

visit factory in Vietnam
factory visit in Vietnam

Factory Visits in Vietnam

As an international buyer, it is crucial to ensure that the production facility in Vietnam meets the required standards before signing any contracts.

Therefore, visiting the factory in person is a great opportunity to verify the factory’s team and production capacity. However, during these visits, language barriers can pose a challenge, as not all companies have staff proficient in English to convey all the necessary requirements to the factory representative.

To overcome this challenge, we offer two options to verify your new supplier:

Clothes Factory Visit in Vietnam

01. Factory Visit in Vietnam

The option to have a Vietnam Authentic team-member organize your factory tours, and accompany during your visits.

This team member can assist in lifting any language barriers, so we can freely discuss options, production capacity, shipping and payments, and help you with any other concerns you may have.

02. Vietnam Authentic Deputy

Alternatively, a Vietnam Authentic representative can directly inspect the factory and products according to your specific requirements, while you stay at home.

We’ll send you a video report, ask the questions you instruct us to ask, compare options, and send you a detailed report of each factory, the production progress and relay all quality control reports to you.

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Factory Visit in Vietnam

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