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Wouldn’t you be thrilled to find your exact quality standards met with the first sample arriving?

Deciding factors when importing your products from overseas are product quality, cost-effectiveness, the basic availability of raw materials or components, timeliness of delivery, lead times, and additional tariffs like customs charges or import duties, packaging costs, just to name a few.

Importing your products yourself is often more advantageous because lower labor and raw materials costs, access to an abundance of skilled workers, sometimes favorable exchange rates play a role, and often a better accessibility to raw materials, and nearby production houses just makes more sense.

Not for nothing many international brands have moved their production lines to Asia, where  Vietnam counts as a major driving force, and has been so, for decades now.

Are you curious if product sourcing is a good fit for your company or brand? Below you’ll find answers to questions we often get from our customers.

Providing you a better insight on the risks, the rewards and natural advantages of importing your products from Vietnam to any store in the world!

F.A.Q. – Product Sourcing in Vietnam

What is product sourcing?

Product sourcing is the process of finding and selecting suppliers for products to sell in your webshop and brick-and-mortar store.

Things to watch out for: inflated charges. Because your ‘sourcing company’ works through a local agent, where instead we are your local agent. Counterfeited products or stolen technology and patent infringement. Competition playing copycat.

How do we identify potential suppliers for your product sourcing needs?

We identify suppliers through visiting trade shows, whispers through our network-which we then personally investigate-and through using fellow local sourcing agents or consultants. Our individual work experience and well-maintained networks are an inexhaustible source of new leads. 

As Vietnamese people are renowned as one of the most entrepreneurial species in the world. Even through other suppliers we often are referred to fellow-entrepreneurs, or family members, who may provide complementary services or products.
Sometimes that’s how we arrive at a competing product, but of a different level of quality, for a lower price, maybe an aspect that sometimes weighs heavier than the higher quality aspect.
As a team we evaluate your requirements and make a match with candidates in our database.

Why should I consider sourcing my products in Vietnam?

Sourcing your product from Vietnam can offer significant advantages such as impressive cost savings on production as well as raw materials, access to unique and regional products, and opportunities for global expansion, in general.

Vietnam Authentic offers unique access to local Vietnamese markets and Vietnamese suppliers that are eager, and able, to tap into international markets themselves. By vetting suppliers before allowing them a spot in our database is just one of the, logical, requirements we apply.

Regular updates, recent documentary and up-to-date certification is the minimum required by our rules of conduct and expertise.

What are some of the challenges involved in sourcing products overseas?

Some of the challenges may include struggling to overcome language barriers, sometimes significant cultural differences, time zone differences, lack of transparency on production methods or certification, quality control issues, and shipping and logistics complications.

That’s why you would feel lucky you found us; We handle all these sensitive, often complicated issues for you, with you. All the way from factory selection to the delivery of the shipment to its final destination: Your shop. 

We strive to always be open, informative and respectful, clearing the way for easy communication and happy trading.

What other factors should I consider when evaluating potential product suppliers from Vietnam?

Factors to consider include matters like pricing, quality, reliability, communication, compliance, and production capacity.

All factors that can greatly influence the success of your business and, ultimately, your customer’s satisfaction.

Once we’ve selected your ideal candidate, we relay the details of the production facility, including production capacity, pricing, and how to acquire your samples, and you are on your way.

Quality control by both us and you guarantees a smooth transition from production phase to your products on your shop’s shelves.

What are some of the risks associated with overseas product sourcing, and how can I manage them?

Risks include quality control issues, intellectual property theft, political stability, and shipping and logistics challenges. Not least of all: a lack of oversight during any of these stages. 

These risks can be managed through due diligence, crafting concise contracts with realistic milestones defined, and taking insurance of proper inspection methods and documentation of these different phases.

A partner on the ground, familiar with local and labor and environmental regulations is an invaluable force to have access to. We introduce you to your future production house candidates, guide you along local regulations and nourish continued relationships, keeping all parties informed to ensure smooth communications.

Minimizing risks and eliminating budget threats is at the forefront of our mind, ensuring fluent future business handlings and communication.

How can I control quality of my order when Sourcing products in Vietnam?

Quality control can be ensured through pre-shipment inspections, supplier audits, and product testing. 

Sounds simple enough, right? 
If… the quality, of the quality control, is up to par, of course.

Something we pride ourselves on, very much. For, sure, your first order with us is extremely important to us, have no doubt. But there is one interest that paramounts all this, still; Your customer’s satisfaction. The resulting follow-up order, and our both continuing success.

As we are aware that there are cowboys (of the hit-and-run type) active in the product sourcing field, many so-called experts, but merely posing, we take up an opposing approach; Honesty first, ensuring future trust, continuously. Basically we are representatives of many families, building a future for themselves, together with you.

What are some of the logistics and shipping considerations I need to be aware of when sourcing products overseas?

Logistics and shipping considerations include transportation modes, shipping terms and local common practices, packaging requirements and quality, and customs clearance.

Of course not something we expect many people to know all the ins-and-outs of. Not many, yet, there are some, and as it so happens, we have our own bright star handling those challenging tasks. Meet Nguyen Thanh Long, our own Logistic Coordinator with many years of expertise in working with major shipping lines worldwide and processing domestic shipping units.

He keeps himself updated on Freight/Vessel routes and shipping costs, allowing him to assess, compare, and provide the most cost-effective and practical solutions for our clients’ freight needs.

Problem solved!

What are the payment terms and methods typically used when sourcing products from Vietnam?

Payment terms and methods can vary, but commonly used methods include wire transfers, and payment platforms like PayPal or Payoneer could be use for sample cost. Production payment can be made directly to the seller’s bank account. Alternatively, the payment is conducted through an intermediary bank.

What is the difference between customs charges and import duties?

Customs Charges: Customs charges refer to the fees and expenses associated with the process of customs clearance. Customs charges are typically assessed by the local authorities or service providers involved in facilitating the importation of goods.

Import Duties: On the other hand, specifically refer to taxes or tariffs imposed by the importing country’s government on imported goods. These duties are applied to regulate trade, protect domestic industries, and generate revenue. Import duties are usually calculated as a percentage of the declared value of the goods or based on a specific rate assigned to a particular product or commodity.

In summary, customs charges encompass the broader range of fees associated with customs clearance, while import duties specifically refer to the taxes or tariffs imposed on imported goods. It’s important to consider both customs charges and import duties when calculating the overall costs of importing goods.

Enhancing Your Operations for You

We aim to promote the value of Vietnamese goods in the global market by connecting international customers with reliable Vietnamese suppliers.

We serve as your personal sourcing assistant in quality-control and consult you on export procedures.

Saving you time and money, while you achieve better results.

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Language and Cultural Barriers:

To overcome language and cultural barriers, entrepreneurs use Vietnam Authentic to communicate with local suppliers directly.

Quality Control

We are actively involved during the manufacturing of your products, and we offer ‘final delivery quality control’ services.

Trust and Reliability

To establish trust and reliability with your Vietnamese partners, we research each company’s reputation beforehand.

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