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We negotiate with the sourcing partner directly to use a preferred shipping method to reduce costs and guarantee delivery dates.

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Convenient Shipping Options from Vietnam Are Here!

When it comes to international trading, shipping is a crucial factor to the success of an order, and your business as a whole. The cost of shipping is added to the cost of the product and we need this to be crystal-clear, beforehand.

Optimizing your shipping costs can help you gain better control over your product costs.

Transit times are equally important. Shipping a container from Vietnam, to the US, can take months. Ensuring the safety of your goods, from packing to transportation to your warehouse, is crucial.

Based on shipping service statistics in Vietnam, we have established a robust carrier network that can help determine the most cost-effective and timely shipping routes for your goods. 

To assist you in making informed decisions and saving costs, we recommend two of the most popular shipping directions below, which are selected based on the volume of goods, shipping time, and costs.

To overcome these challenges, we offer two options for your shipping needs from Vietnam:

01. Air-Freight Shipping

Opting for air freight shipping can offer several advantages and are ideal for:

  • Sample orders, small volumes, and lightweight shipments.
  • Faster transit times compared to other shipping methods.
  • Suitable for buying goods for individuals without an invoice, eliminating the need for customs clearance.

02. Sea Shipping

International container shipping can offer you several benefits, including:

  • Ability to transport large volumes of goods.
  • Flexible shipping times that fall within the estimated range.
  • Requirement of essential documents such as contracts, commercial invoices, bills of lading, and other necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth and efficient shipment.

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