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Mission Statement – Vietnam Authentic

Vietnam Authentic was born from the ideology of connecting international buyers with Vietnamese suppliers.

Facilitating as a matchmaker, a liaison, we can ensure the quality, quantity, and production requirements for your products are honored. Helping both parties save time and money, while minimizing risks in the buying and selling process.

We act on the desire to contribute part of our values to promoting the development of the country in this period of global integration.

“As a group of young, enthusiastic, business-savvy people, we love our homeland of Vietnam, and its position as one of the world’s major production houses.”

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Direct contact with manufacturers in Vietnam

We aim to promote the value of Vietnamese goods in the global market by connecting international customers with reliable Vietnamese suppliers.

Our goal is to help expand the reach of Vietnamese products and support local businesses to thrive internationally.

We serve as your personal sourcing assistant in quality-control and consult you on export procedures. Saving you time and money, while you achieve better results.

Product Sourcing Made Simple

We understand that the success of your business is our success, and we are committed to going above and beyond, to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

While the domestic market is generally too competitive to be interesting for most, rest assured there are plenty of Vietnamese suppliers who are eager to expand their reach and cater to overseas customers.

Because of language barriers, fundamental marketing differences, and strict international shipping requirements, the process of connecting to the right Vietnamese suppliers can be a daunting task. Posing significant challenges for businesses seeking to establish a foothold in the Vietnamese market.

That’s where we come in.

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Why Choose Us

We offer solutions to address challenges that international entrepreneurs encounter when trying to find reliable Vietnamese sourcing partners for their products.

Language and Cultural Barriers:

To overcome language and cultural barriers, entrepreneurs use Vietnam Authentic to communicate with local suppliers directly.

Quality Control

We are actively involved during the manufacturing of your products, and we offer ‘final delivery quality control’ services.

Trust and Reliability

To establish trust and reliability with your Vietnamese partners, we research each company’s reputation beforehand.

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