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Great experience!

Frank White

Purchasing Manager

United Kingdom

Great experience! Their seamless communication between us and Vietnamese suppliers made the process a breeze, leading to successful partnerships.

Great Products

Xia Wenqian

Business Owner

Republic of China

The personalized service at Vietnam Authentic is unparalleled. They not only sourced great products but also organized efficient packaging and shipping arrangements, saving us time and effort.

Product Quality

Frazer Marquez




Our confidence in product quality skyrocketed after partnering with Vietnam Authentic. Their rigorous quality control measures exceeded our expectations, ensuring only the best products reach our shelves.

I Was Amazed

Hu Jii

Serial Entrepreneur

South Korea


We had a tour with them to several wooden furniture factories near Ho Chi Minh city and I was amazed. The service gave us invaluable insights. Seeing production processes firsthand helped us make informed decisions, strengthening our supplier relationships.


Neil Wheeler

Business Owner



I am satisfied with their design with my logo on our product packaging. They go beyond sourcing by ensuring our products are not only top-notch but also presented impeccably, boosting our brand image. Thank you!

Clear and effective

Luo Li

Head Sales

Republic of China

The clear and effective communication fostered by Vietnam Authentic between us and our suppliers is a game-changer. It streamlined the entire process, making collaboration effortless.

Reducing Costs

B. de Bruin

Product Development

South Africa


Shipping logistics used to be a headache until we partnered with VA Sourcing. Their expertise in shipping arrangements simplified the process, reducing delays and costs.


Kezia Lynch




Vietnam Authentic’s commitment to excellence is evident in their end-to-end service. Quality control, packaging and shipping arrangement – they handle it all, making them our go-to sourcing partner.

Smooth Process

Sophie Poirier

Sourcing Agent



Thanks to the Vietnam Authentic Team, sourcing from Vietnam is not just a transaction; it’s a smooth, well-coordinated process. Their attention to detail in quality control and seamless communication sets them apart.

Very Good

Marlene Pohl

Head Accounting



Their quote was very good. I plan on using this service again, soon!

Clear and effective

Ambrosio Camilo

Business Owner



Talking to the VA sourcing team helped me out a lot, even though I did not use the service right away. They helped to clear all my concerns of my order from Vietnam. I appreciate the work. I hope to follow-through with orders.

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