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How to Source Products from Vietnam, the Easy Way

Source products from Vietnam has been a familiar practice for buyers worldwide for decades already. Benefiting from a young and energetic workforce, as well as a reliable supply of raw materials, Vietnamese products have found their way to international markets easily.

In this article, we will highlight some important factors to help ensure the success of your order.

source products from Vietnam
source products from vietnam

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To help you find the right supplier for the products you’re seeking, our expert team has compiled the following overview of the sourcing process, along with valuable tips.

Our Approach is intentionally simple, always reliable, and you can hold us accountable. We will nurture your products like they were our own.

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Source products from Vietnam

Vietnam has firmly established itself as a key player in global markets. Serving as a preferred sourcing country for many international brands and keen entrepreneurs. Providing a diverse range of high-quality products from ideation, through sampling, to production & packaging on to shipping to their end destination.

Vietnamese products can be found in brick-and-mortar stores worldwide, supermarkets, and online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Whether it’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, home decor, kitchenware, or Eco-friendly organic goods, these products have gained an indisputable market share across the globe.

The secret to its success lies in the care observed at every stage of production, product handling, packaging, and a firm reputation for outstanding quality control procedures.

Safe to say this results in high-quality and attractive products, now accessible to you.

What truly distinguishes Vietnamese products is their remarkably reasonable prices and affordable additional services.

Your trusted product sourcing company from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Beyond its appeal to major international brands like Adidas, Nike, and Fendi, Vietnam extends a warm welcome to individual entrepreneurs and businesses seeking tailor-made products manufactured in Vietnam. With a multitude of proficient suppliers at your disposal, you can seize the chance to craft distinctive branded products, thereby enhancing your competitive advantage in terms of both quality and pricing.

Countless entrepreneurs have successfully established their brands through these customizable products. While the process may initially appear challenging, once you’ve laid the foundation of a supply chain in Vietnam, reordering becomes a simple task that can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements throughout the purchasing journey.

Recognizing the substantial demand from international buyers, Vietnam Authentic is a trusted product sourcing company from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, committed to assisting companies in their quest to source commercial products from Vietnam.

Our services go beyond outstanding assistance; we provide comprehensive information to facilitate your sourcing needs, empowering you to conduct in-depth research, acquire knowledge, and effortless access to countless suppliers and factories in Vietnam.

To help you find the right supplier for products from Vietnam you’re seeking, our expert team has compiled the following overview of the sourcing process, along with some valuable tips:

1. Product Specifications

Specify the item you want to source and define your product requirements

Clearly articulate the specifications, quality standards, and any customization needs for your desired products.

The initial step in this process involves clearly defining the product you intend to trade and understanding the specific needs of your target customers for that item. Conduct thorough research on the product you wish to sell within a particular market.

The more precise and detailed you are in outlining your requirements, the greater the likelihood of sourcing the perfect item through a supplier in Vietnam, fast.

2. Source products from Vietnam

Learn about key products and Vietnam’s production strengths

To understand Vietnam’s production strengths for your desired product, it’s crucial to explore the key industries and regional advantages in the country.

Vietnam encompasses an area of approximately 331,690 km² and is home to a population of 99.27 million, as of December 2022. The country comprises 63 provinces, 85 cities, and numerous islands. Vietnam shares borders with China to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west, and the East Sea to the southeast.

In terms of economic and developmental focus, the Red River Delta and the Mekong River Delta are prominent regions. These areas, particularly the bustling cities of Hanoi (the capital) and Ho Chi Minh City, attract significant economic activities and house a dense population.

Given Vietnam’s diverse geographical terrain, each region boasts its own strengths in key economic sectors. Notably, industries like electronics, machinery, and vehicles have seen a significant rise in outsourcing by renowned international brands. Additionally, traditional sectors such as agriculture, textiles, garments, furniture, and handicrafts have been preserved and continue to thrive in Vietnam’s economy.

3. Reliability of Suppliers

Finding reliable suppliers in Vietnam

When searching for reliable suppliers in Vietnam, it is essential to focus on the key production areas relevant to your product. By identifying suppliers in these regions, you can enhance your competitive advantage in terms of pricing and product quality. 

To ensure a successful sourcing process, it is recommended to compile a list of at least three potential suppliers in Vietnam, who can meet your specific product requirements and initiate conversation with each of them.

Locating the right supplier is a time-consuming process, involving extensive information exchange, extended communication, and potentially a foreign language. During this, patience, a connection with local markets and suppliers, and possibly translation services are vital. A comprehensive agreement evaluation is essential to ensure you choose the most fitting supplier for your requirements.

4. Buyer – Supplier Communications

Exchange product information with your new suppliers

Scheduling inspections at critical stages of production, allows us to identify, and immediately address any issues, minimizing production-line disruptions and optimizing the production output.

Compile a list of potential suppliers and engage in discussions regarding your desired products. Effective communication of details is vital, particularly when soure products in Vietnam. Ensure a smooth execution at every phase.

When possible, providing an actual product sample is the preferred way for the manufacturer to quickly and accurately understand your requirements.

If a physical sample is unavailable, provide the supplier with detailed information. Include product images, videos, object dimensions, 3D drawings, selected materials, required certificates, target prices, and any other relevant specifications.

This enables the supplier to provide you with the most accurate quotation based on your specific needs

5. Product Samples

Ask for product samples

For readily available products, consider requesting a factory sample from Vietnam for quality checking before making a purchase. Sample production becomes essential for products requiring modifications or featuring unique designs, allowing you to assess the manufacturer’s capability to meet your requirements when you source products from Vietnam.

It’s important to note that sample prices typically stand at double the production cost. Furthermore, for products that entail the use of molds, sample expenses can significantly surpass the production price.

At this stage, it’s recommended to evaluate the selected suppliers’ capabilities. Assess them based on their experience, track record, production capacity, and ability to consistently meet your demands.

6. Contracts and Terms

Negotiating Contract Terms with Your Vietnamese Supplier

After finalizing the sample for mass production and a suitable supplier is selected, it is crucial to negotiate contract terms for your order

This encompasses pricing, quantity, delivery schedules, payment conditions, quality control protocols, product guarantee and other pertinent terms and conditions. Make certain that both parties are in concurrence before proceeding with any payments or commitments.

7. Payment Conditions

Production costs

After both parties have reached mutual agreement and signed the contract terms, the subsequent step is payment arrangement. As per the agreed payment terms, the buyer assumes the responsibility of covering the production costs to the supplier..

Typically, a deposit amount ranging from 30% to 70%, of the total order value, is required.

Payment can be made directly to the seller’s bank account. Alternatively, the payment is conducted through an intermediary bank.

The specific payment method will be determined based on the agreed terms and conditions stated in the contract.

8. Quality Control

Quality control during or after production

These are essential steps in the purchasing process to ensure that your goods are manufactured according to your final specifications and relevant product standards. 

Hiring a third-party with expertise in quality control is a reliable solution to ensure that you receive the right quality and quantity of products.

This approach provides a safe and secure means of managing your order and ensures your satisfaction from the first delivery, and onward.

Check our quality control service in Vietnam

9. Shipping and Logistics

The manufacturer completing the order marks an important milestone.

The subsequent step involves packaging and shipping the products to the buyer’s address. The shipping costs are factored into the overall product pricing to remain competitive in the target market.

Choosing a shipping partner with competitive pricing, effective risk management, and swift delivery is vital in procurement.

The right shipping partner holds the same significance as selecting the appropriate supplier. We have established a comprehensive shipping network in Vietnam, collaborating with partners that serve all continents.

This added service aims to provide our customers personalized care and security throughout the shipping process.

Check shipping cost for your orders from Vietnam.

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