Vietnamese Lacquerware Handicrafts

A combined image of umique lacquerware products, vases, plates, bowls and round boxes, land of origin is Vietnam.

The Artistry of Vietnamese Handicrafts: A Celebration of Lacquerware and Passion In the heart of Vietnam, a rich tradition of craftsmanship has thrived for centuries. Today, a new generation of Vietnamese artisans is carrying this legacy forward with pride and…

How to Source Products from Vietnam, the Easy Way

A sports and leisure backpack, made in Vietnam

Vietnam Authentic Making Overseas Product Sourcing Easy! Share Your Request Now Source products from Vietnam has been a familiar practice for buyers worldwide for decades already. Benefiting from a young and energetic workforce, as well as a reliable supply of…

Katoka – The Garment Project

Garment Factory from Vietnam
Katoka is a Vietnamese fashion brand that specializes in creating high-quality suits, vests, blazers, pants, and shirts, for both men and women. A brand dedicated to providing stylish and sophisticated clothing for everyone who wants to look their best.

CAPER Hat Production Factory from Vietnam

CAPER – A Hat Factory from Vietnam Looking for a hat production factory that can customize your logo to perfection? Look no further than Caper, one of our top hat manufacturing partners in Vietnam. Caper has earned a reputation for…

Sourcing Bamboo and Rattan Weaved Products in Vietnam

Bamboo products made in Vietnam Crafting bamboo and rattan has deep roots in Vietnam, with a tradition spanning thousands of years. Despite facing challenges over its evolution, the industry has grown significantly. Today, it holds a significant place in the…

Discover Kitchen Furniture and Tableware From Vietnam

Discover sophistication in every piece of kitchen furniture meticulously crafted in Vietnam. The perfect blend of high-quality wood and intricate design not only imparts warmth to the kitchen space but also symbolizes a unique touch of luxury. The utilization of…

Common Barriers for Finding Vietnamese Sourcing Partners

Common Barriers for Finding Vietnamese Sourcing Partners International entrepreneurs face several unique challenges when trying to find reliable sourcing partners for their products in Vietnam. So much so, that even the most seasoned people in the field will simply have…

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